Publikacja: prof.dr hab. A.Skumiel

“Influence of high frequency rotating magnetic field on the effect of heating magnetic fluid” to tytuł pracy prof.dr hab. A.Skumiela opublikowanej 5.5.2021 na łamach International Journal Of Physics Research And Applications.

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The article describes the necessary conditions for the phenomenon of thermal energy
release in a magnetic fluid placed in a high-frequency rotating magnetic fi eld. The minimum amplitude of the magnetic field was calculated and the thermal power released (by the rotating spherical nanoparticles in the viscous medium) was estimated. The estimations were based on the assumption that the magnetic relaxation times (τN and τB) and the magnetic field rotation period (Trot) meet the condition: τN>>Trot>>τB. The principle of operation and construction of the
device generating a high-frequency rotating magnetic fi eld is described. Preliminary experimental studies were carried out using a magnetic fl uid with magnetite nanoparticles that indicated magnetic relaxation as the cause of the released heat. The value of the absorption rate in the experiment and its dependence on the strength of the magnetic fi eld were determined.

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